dear santa,

all i want for christmas is a non-toxic game in league of legends

              thanks santa


are you ready to get


are you ready to get





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Starting blog off with Infected Mushroom’s AMAZING new single: Pink Nightmares.


If Edward Nygma on Gotham can be a forensics tech and show up regularly to revel in weird puzzling criminal evidence, a part of me really hopes Jonathan Crane will be a Hannibal Lecter-esque consulting psychologist for the GCPD so he can show up to revel in the psych angle of progressively weirder crimes going down.

Because that would be creepy and lovely and give him a reason to show up often. Which is always good.

if you’re not seduced by my icon i dont know what’s wrong with you

tfw the samurai-esque character in a video game is a white dude

about the recent events with youtubers being caught for doing terrible things:

what depresses me the most is that ~99% of the community of youtube is pretty darn sexist, so when an emotional woman makes a video no one will listen so as much as it pains me to ask

we NEED more male youtubers to talk about the issue

most cismen will only listen to another cisman

simply because if there is the slightest fallacy, no matter how well the video may be put together by the woman, will be pulled apart and the video ignored by the community and she will likely be harassed

Have some fashion  ||  Yves Saint Laurent s/s 2013 RTW



i hit lvl30 and i could start the placement matches in ranked but im terrified should i do it

Hold off on it until you’re 100% comfortable. I didn’t do that and landed myself in bronze. Since, I’ve gotten much better, but I still need to climb out of bronze, which is hard since I can’t play ranked too often.

ill take your word for it

i’ve had lvl 30 friends for a while that said im a pretty good jungler considering ive been playing for less than a year but i want to get more comfortable in other roles too

I became FirstLer today with a headache and mop bucket please help me

omg im so sorry amigo

i hit lvl30 and i could start the placement matches in ranked but im terrified should i do it

im slowly but surely getting into the habit of using they/their/theirs pronouns on new people who dont tell me their pronouns 

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Lose Your Soul // Dead Man’s Bones